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developments around the world and will keep you up to date. thank you for being with us tonight. make sure you go to let us know who you thought about this special edition of "on the record". keep it here on fox news channel. good night. ♪ >> hello, everyone, i'm dana perino, along with kimberly guilfoyle, brian beckel, brian kilmeade, this is five fithe five. >> we hope you had a happy thanksgiving, today a black friday, the unofficial kickoff of the shopping season. and republicans had time to digest what happened and trying to figure out exactly what went wrong and i love this quote from haley barber, says we've got to give our political organizations a very
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serious probablictology exam. >> it appears to me that 3 million fewer votes were cast for mitt romney than for john mccain, it tells the party is splintered, it doesn't know if it's down ride conservative or the middle establishment or we really, they really need to find this, and remember this, that the tea party was born april 15th, 2009 on the heels of taxed enough already. every time you would talk to a tea party representative or person, any one of the groups and ask them, taxes, i get. what about social issues, what about contraceptive. they didn't want it talk about it. they want toed to talk about
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the social issues and somehow the democrats attached the social issues to the tea party. >> and bob, you have familiarity with that. >> what the heck. >> not obviously republican and democrats have shared losses over time and it's normal, right, for a party to go through a little self-examination and figure out where they're doing. >> and the impression-- i think one of the-- one lesson the republicans had on a serious note you have to do more than run against somebody. the focus of that campaign and the republicans generally was to vote against barack obama and dependent on the turnout against president obama and you need the policies and a lot of talk about the hispanic issue and you can't give away that many hispanic votes and you know you can get them and even mccain did better, but, unless the republican party's willing to accept some reform of immigration laws, i think they're bound not-- >> and let's listen to mark
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levin who has this to say and i'll get kimberly and brian in here. >> we conservatives, we do not accept bipartisanship in the pursuit of tyranny, period. we will not negotiate the con servitude, we're the alternative, we will resist. we're not going to surrender to this. we will not be passive, we will not be compliant in our own demise, we're he not good losers. you better believe we're sore losers. a good loser is a loser forever. >> so that's one perspective and listen to peggy noonan who has a different thought. >> oh, i'm sorry, i have to read the quote, excuse me. i thought we had-- that's because i love listening to peggy, but i'm going to read it for her. hopefully i'll be able to rise to the occasion. >> she says what it needed is mag nimty.
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not about him, his party, about self and one's deepest, and suggest in subtle ways to help them save face and quietly that you're not the best negotiator and neither were they. the nation faces a real challenge and there will be economic repercussions in handling this, kimberly, i think this is-- >> you like the levin approach? >> totally forget it. >> it sees much more clear. >> stand for something, and say, yeah, we lost, and examine it, how can we get this done better. they spent between the romney campaign, super pac, alludes to a president with a failed economy, horrible unemployment numbers and shouldn't have been that difficult. >> and the republicans do revert back and try and say that we should try to get everyone get along and that wasn't president obama's
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approach. >> what i've learned from the results of this election is if i was somebody trying to get mitt romney elected tell the biography, this is one of the best biographies and resume's to return for president, i would have spent time even if it goes over a guy like mine's head, tell us about the companies and things you've done for people. and in the 30's, people were wondering you, how are you going to support four kids, and you found time to be a bishop in a church. and yes, the word mormon may have come up. >> and they broke the rule, you define yourself positively first, they allowed the obama people to define them for months, why they didn't put on the bio spot for me one of the greatest questions in politics. >> because the buyo spot. >> do you agree? >> absolutely right. and he has a great resume', but that's not what was going to win the election.
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what was going to win the election is fix the problems. how? remember, it was 39 points and then 5 points. and honestly, i followed this up closely and still don't know what his plan was. that his resume' was fantastic. where he dropped the ball, he didn't-- how about this, and the plan-- >> never defended the plan, i did not. i took the other tactic, i said president obama failed and that's why you should vote for romney you don't want four more years of a failed policy and that's where i was. >> let me ask a question, how do you respond to mark levin, one of my good friends, too, like eric, he can be a little crazy. >> not crazy. but in his own way-- >> he's very focused and-- >> and i understand he's very smart. >> and i think that right out of the gate after the election there were opinion pieces that had ran from all across the republican spectrum with what went wrong and what we need to do and i'm just not so sure.
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i think it's going to take time and if there's a messenger needs to emerge from the party and that person, i don't think we know who that is yet. but there's some time to figure it out. and after the 1992 loss, it fook a while to, for the republicans to get back in shape and that's, you know, it could take a little bit of time. and one of the things karl rove writes about in thewall wall street journal today. he said one of the things was to limit the number of debates in the primary and then, also hold the rnc convention earlier. those are two of the practical things. ran on november 14th in the wall street journal. what do you think about that. >> it's good advice. nobody sort of said who is this guy until that debate and so late in the process, and tearing each other down, and which didn't make anybody look good in terms of-- >> ann romney could not spend.
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romney could not spend any money raised for the general election, until-- >> do you think that was, because that was perhaps money he could have spent on the bio. >> and color me crazy, and i'll take the crazy label, if i was worth 250 million dollars i understand you want to spend somebody else's money, but if you have a gap between may and july when you don't have any money i would go into my checking account. >> and make sure those bio spots got out and the answer-- >> i think you're right. and i am a firm believer in karl rove's understanding of politics, but for carl now, he needs to do some self-examination and he's wrong-- >> i think all of them are-- >> i hope so, and-- >> what do you think if american crossroads, the pact that karl rove ran, imagine that had not been in existence during that time. could romney have lost by more, actually romney did ost republicans
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in those states. >> i remember leading up to mitt romney, by the way, levin and a the lot of us were saying, he well, not romney, maybe one of the more conservatives candidates and it was, it was him. i think they did a good job with what they could work with, no offense, mitt romney great guy, great bio, but he certainly want the best candidate we put up in a long time. >> that's what i was going to ask. >> who could you put up. >> there wasn't a lot to choose from, i think the upcoming republican group, rubio, even christy although i have a serious problem with him right now, he was good at the time before he found-- >> and forget there were a lot of people who couldn't fill that. and-- >> and scott walker. forget the primaries, who would you pick this time around, a republican nominee? >> at the time i liked rick perry, but he self-medicated himself out of that job and-- >> and newt, i don't know. >> and republicans as haley
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barber said are doing self-examination, but it's probably smart, right, bob, for the democrats to do soul searching, too, because they will not have president obama running on the ticket four years from now, so, who do you think that the democrats are spending some time also thinking of where do we go from here. >> absolutely. and one, first of all, one of the democrats have with or without obama, demographic and the republicans simply can't win this demographic breakdown. >> latinos, minorities. >> i don't think it has to be that way. >> it doesn't have to be that way, but that requires policies, but democrats are coming up with, a big one going on obama who wants to strike a deal on the fiscal cliff and it's going to mean the left is not happy, and you guys have called him a socialist and all of this stuff, i'm telling you much more of a centrist than you think? >> obama? i think he's-- >> no, you're just so wrong about that. >> he's as far left, and he-- >> you talk about it.
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>> and he's worse than carter, i think he's fuelly fairly pragmatic and probably will be more so at least while this fiscal crisis is. >> the biggest adjustment the democrats will make is running against george bush, the exit polls they were blaming gb, and i can't believe he might troo try to do it again and mentioned it in the press conference. and sooner or later, they'll have to say judge us on the last eight years with obama. they don't care. >> they care. >> and he feels like he has a man tate and can do what he wants and it's all about revenge, and warm and fuzzy campaign? >> he won, you lost and-- >> i don't know, i still feel like a winner because i know what we do to fix this economy and his ideas don't work. >> and negotiate a pragmatic deal on the fiscal cliff put yourself in a hole you won't get out. >> and what's the prague matism, prime minister is
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claiming. >> 4-1 tax spending cuts. >> i haven't heard that. >> i think that's what he's going to come up with. >> and they go back to the clinton tax rates and it's not going to solve anything. and as if to say. >> the other part, you have to take out spending and entitlements, he didn't do it, i'll grant you that, didn't do it because he was trying to contact the base on the left and-- >> and no, no, i said to win the election. as a president he's going to govern, you watch much more centrist and if the republicans don't set the table, this'll look at whacko right wing. >> they have been at the table. >> my gut is he's going to be a centrist and they'll get a deal. >> there you have it right here. coming up, does the tea party play an effective role in this year's election. that's ahead. ♪
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♪ >> welcome back, everybody. less than three weeks since
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the election and it's divide not between democrats and republicans, however, between the conservatives, tea party types and some call establishment. peggy noonan, once again, take a listen. >> i think the tea party is going to have to look at itself. the tea party style of rage is not one that wins over converts and makes people lean toward them and say i want to listen to you. >> okay, now, this is laura ingram defending the conservative wing of the party. >> the work of the tea party folks and the energy that they brought to the fore, republicans would be in a disaster right now. >> and you wonder why three million fewer republicans showed up for the voting booths this election cycle, kimberly. >> yeah, it bothers me, i sit outside for two hours in new york where i knew my water down the drain, why didn't people come out.
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they were weren't impassioned enough for mitt romney and didn't know his bio and keep prom king and see if he goes center like bob said. >> can these two wings of the party find the middle ground? >> i don't think so. i don't think it necessarily has to be a middle ground, but basic principles to agree on. i like the big ten thing and there are variations of the tea party since 1776. you look at the election when ross perot began and the government spending, it wasn't so much about social issues at the time. so i think there are ways and we have better candidates and that's across the board. >> you go back it barry goldwater versus nelson rockefeller, versus the conservatives since 1964. >> very interesting. >> it's always been somebody who steps forward to take the mantle of the big 10 and ronald reagan being the classic examples. you don't have to be a pragmatic political force, that's the difference, it
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takes a voice to make that clear. you can't have all of these republican districts to negotiate and you need somebody and the problem is you don't need-- >> and right, how did they coalesced, the left did. >> around barack obama. >> and amazing, too, because as bob knows better than anyone, the presidential campaign they help out with the candidates and listen, we have he got focus on this guy elected and pretty much on your own and i think they were somewhat, in my opinion, somewhat in awe of barack obama what he's done at such a young age, never really one of the guys who's been there for 40 years and decided to run like senator dole and senator mccain. but i was pretty much in awe in the mid term elections on what the tea party did. i've never seen anything like it. >> even in this election, the tea party the down tick-- >> the down tick, let's remember, twice as many people, in 2010 where they had an impact and i don't take away from their emotional,
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grabbing hold of the fiscal issue, but it does have a problem because there's not a social won attached to that. beyond that, i think that the tea party represents to me the goldwater act of '64 and somehow they got together and richard nixon pulled them together, i don't know howment do you know what more than anything else, a period of time for three weeks thought obama was going lose, lose the senate and the house was going to be republican and scared the heck out of all of us and that was a period when all of a sudden they said, wait a minute, we could have two more people like alito on the supreme court. >> and i think power is a very important thing and unseating an incumbent is hard, we usually give our presidents a second chance. but his shot or fair shot and fair share was persuasive, but it could have been met with fair shot and fair share, the government the way it's going is holding you back and the reason you consider yourself
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lower middle class, you can't get ahead because the government is holding you back. >> and that's the rhetoric. >> without a couple of major league flubs over the last two election cycles, the senate very well could be republican and there are a lot of tea party people who did win senate seats. >> absolutely. they've been a commendable force, in terms of motivation, momentum, raising money and get out the vote and they have been very good. and they're doing better in many respects than the rest of the republicans. >> and that's the fact that the tea party candidates should have won and-- >> there's a couple of them that shouldn't have been put through, okay? >> let's not take anything away from obama's organizational skills in the campaign. >> and i understand that. >> here is the-- the charge of the senate and-- >> they should have taken the senate. >> what i said earlier in the show, if the tea party stuck with their original plan of fiscal conservative values, the senate would likely be
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republican, because these two geniuses this year, who decided to go on and on, and talk about rape-- don't ever mention female body parts if you're republican. >> and what about in nevada and delaware. >> and-- >> and colorado and those are four that should have gone republican. >> correct yourself. if you're a republican and a gynecologist, you should mention female parts. and two number, have a screening process, better than a great guy. put them through a presidential boot camp and when they've talked about rape and abortion and it's unbelievable how inexperienced they looked to handle a question. >> and maybe get a party platform that doesn't make it so absolute on abortion, got to leave it there. >> got it leave it there. >> and thanksgiving is over, christmas is next and black friday arrived. how to survive the shopping
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madness that's next. ♪
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♪ >> all right. well, millions of americans across the country right now aren't stopping till they get enough. and to suffer the stocking with this christmas. it's black friday and the shopping instant is in full force. i love it. bob-- they were working on thanksgiving guy and lined up and break through the barriers
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and stem wepeople get stamped-- or what do you call it. >> trammelled. >> i can't stand shopping, i went to get a swatch, and they made an announcement and 50 women were coming one time and scared the hell-- >> like you didn't look that. >> i dropped the swatch, didn't know. when you can go online, why in the world bother. >> i can't believe you're going to say it, i think it's time to tax the online shoppers to give retailers a chance at these mobs again. i feel so bad for these stores and these employees and these salespeople who lose out because someone goes home on logs on for a better price and delivers to their house. >> isn't that capitalism? >> what's your problem there? >> i feel bad for retailers, everybody go online and no more stores? >> what are you saying? you actually-- >> give retailers a fair shot. >> and taxing online, first of all, the government is going
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to tax and do what with that money? >> the same tax they pay if i go i want it pay the same tax online and-- >> but there's legislation i think will be introduced because the retailers and some of the bigger ones are starting to say that they recognize they have a problem because the state legislators are passing and that hurts small businesses, if it's not-- >> do you agree with me. >> i don't agree that people should not have online shopping? >> that's progress. >> i know, why are you, why? and you had to shop-- >> and we want our-- >> and i'm with you. i don't understand. and does that mean you'll in trouble? >> and she starts speaking in spanish, you are. >> and why is it the stores, they have to pay sales taxes in the stores and you don't have to going online. >> because you don't have-- >> thank you. >> and you want more taxes? >> i can't believe. >> don't listen to everybody
11:30 pm
and-- >> you've got to problem. >> and your state tax, wh you buy something and-- >> if you don't have a physical present, like if you don't have an actual shop in the state, but also, the point of black friday, really, is that you shop for the best deal. if you can find the best deal online, you might out of the goodness of your heart buy it from the local guy. >>, but stop people from shopping for the best deal. >> if i want to get a nike shoe online, i should have a choice between going online for the same price as going to the nike store. >> while i'm on and free shipping and free returns. >> and forget the federal government, why not tax the rich and-- >> l.l. bean sends all of their stuff. >> it's bean, not beam. >> where i'm from beam, beam.
11:31 pm
>> and where it's shipped frshgs where it's sold from, where the offices are, you can't track it. >> do states do it. >> you want to make black monday, fine, a sporting event, not a stress event. go meet people like kimberly does-- >> i don't want to socialize with these people, stram mr. istram-- trampling people. >> and knocking old ladies out of the way for a spot-- >> and there you've got to go in and get it and dig into it, get a big surprise. where did you get your shoes from, online or the stores. >> i call my guy. >> there you go. >> call your guy. >> you've got a shoe guy? >> fantastic. >> she has a shoe guy, another guy and-- >> all right, all right. >> and i'm just--
11:32 pm
>> in the pre-market, we have taxes and-- >> i'm going to saks. >> and they could make it for the local retailers, i think that some of the bigger retailers are going to hurt small businesses if they don't stop looking out for just themselves. if you're a small business, i'm not for you. you can't afford to do the different-- like every different county has a different sales tax and you have to do it yourself. i can understand why they want something more uniform, but the big retailers they can afford the lawyers and accountants. >> and with the dealt reduction-- >> i'm not for taxes to reduce-- >> it's unfair you could sell ll beamer shoes and pay a tax and-- >> can i walk this back. i think she's-- >> do it on your own time,
11:33 pm
okay? i think a shout out, anybody size 7, and perfect stocking stuffers. >> and those for my first house. >> yeah, baby. >> they call themselves survivalists and others call them not. >> if the money is worthless and there's no rule of law. if you expect an impending disaster to destroy the world as we know it and have gone to extreme lengths so when the end of days arrive they will be prepared to survive. >> okay. that's how i feel when it comes to bob beckel. we'll let you decide next on "the five." . ♪ report from
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washington, now, back to new york and "the five." ♪
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>> r.e.m., if the end of the world is coming these people will be ready. and there's a new show, and features americans who are convinced the apocalypse is coming. >> i'm preparing my family for the total destruction. >> a devastating earthquake, a series of catastrophic terrorist attacks. >> on the doomsday scenario i'll be the only one standing there with another hundred pounds to lose. >> 241 pounds of cucumbers. >> and one for every individual in the house. >> and this is the life style we live. >> dana this is the second season of the show and that's with all that was in this nuclear age that we're in, weapons of mass destruction, and every other sentence and shows like this, isn't it
11:40 pm
about time for a show like this to emerge as a viable opportunity and a learning segment for america. >> it's a very popular show, i as hearing about it last year from a journalist, going to spend time with them and here is the thing for me, i don't have that much worry, but i appreciate that they do. i mean, they've mapped everything out, for me if it's going to happen, i want to be the like the first to go. >> you don't want to be sticking around with survivors. >> well, you know, afterwards-- >> can i say one thing, they are he' all honey boo boo's relatives. >> we're not sure and-- >> and it reminds me of people who built nuclear bomb shelters in the 50's and 60's. that wasn't going to help anybody they found out and these people are on the fringe, man, on the fringe, militia types and eric-- >> you love this, you told me your family loves the show. >> brian, i watched almost-- i love the show it's a phenomenal show.
11:41 pm
>> why? >> and whether you believe doomsday is coming or not, the mentality of people worried about the country, worried about biological terror, nuclear terror, earthquakes and everything, you know what? good for them. >> if it makes they feel better. >> who says it makes them feel better. >> who hasn't thought what would happen if there was a post apocalyptic world. >> i think we would pretty much so we could run and-- >> kimberly. >> an imagine backpack. >> and a planet of the apes, people are obsessed with the end of the world and the post civilization, are you one of them. >> i'm very frightened about it since i saw i am legends. >> that's it's new york. >> and very real and when you go to early in the morning and you're coming here and there's not a lot of cars out, reminds me of that. >> and would you bring your
11:42 pm
lewis vuitton-- >> i have a emergency backpack and one pair ever louie's. >> who is obsessed with it. >> and the new economy. >> i don't give a a second thought. >> and since 1977, there was a show when obama bosley said i'm going to build a shelter so me and joni and all can survive, and chuck wag somewhere else. >> who do they include, in the end, tom bosley concluded if we can't live with everybody else, we'd rather die. >> what the bomb shelters became, a place to smoke dope and have sex. >> and i think that's a whole different theory. >> that's why bob has one in his back yard. >> and you're kind of like cliff clafen with your facts and stuff. >> i do remember every happy days episode. >> and happy days. >> you're my lifeline, phone a
11:43 pm
friend. >> happy days, i don't know what it is. >> the fonz. >> and that group and the italian guy. >> that's one way to describe him, no one else has, rode the motorcycle and lived upstairs. >> and that's where the term the shark came. >> and it's the end of the segment, so i have to put-- >> bye-bye. >> did you know, there are more women than men on the roads these days? dana perino is one of them. you're not going to believe the last time she drove a car. her answer, your answer next. ♪
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♪ >> i love fats domino. listen-- >> and greg gutfeld. >> he's not here. >> listen of the thanksgiving holiday is the most traveled of the year and i have a few thoughts about what you should
11:48 pm
and shouldn't do, beginning with not travel, i can't help that because i have to go back home. one thing you don't want to do is get anywhere near babies. >> oh, you're so anti-baby. >> not that. but when they let a defcon 9 go, you're in the middle seat. >> and plus a lot of colds. >> and my best travel tips, i try not to travel number one, but travel the day of the event. don't travel the day before with everybody else, say, hey, i'm going to be home at six o'clock. don't expect me on the day before thanksgiving on the holiday itself like christmas and thanksgiving, when i lived out in los angeles and travelling back, i traveled that day and i felt like a genius, alone during the day with the people at night and nobody missed me and i beat the crowd. >> has that changed since then? >> i think that people have caught on to that. >> now they have. >> and don't drive on the new
11:49 pm
jersey turnpike, that's a given. and you know now more women have driver's licenses than men, now, i'm going to try to to be-- >> what happened to my travel tip in. >> i'm sorry, i'm sorry, bring your shoes. >> no, usually a successful traveler and you i bring that, that's it, i do not pack any luggage to put in. >> right. >> i don't check any of it it's all carry on i don't want to be a victim of circumstance the at the airport you can forget it. >> and all of your clothes-- >> and plan ahead. >> i roll up the dress and wear the same shoes, perfect, it's great. and then if you plan ahead like my t-shirt i've won since i was five, you can get good deals online, too. >> and what happens, pack a snack. >> pack a snack. >> a good one. >> and carrying your charger in your carry on. >> and you traveled yesterday. >> no, can we talk about the women drivers? >> okay, you want to do that, i'm glad you're going to.
11:50 pm
>> and my wife drives everywhere we go, i don't drive anymore. >> why? >> i don't get behind the wheel, here is why, you're driving too fast, why are you changing the radio, there's a car there. and it's easier to say, you drive and-- >> she's worried about your well-being. >> she's worried about her well-being. >> with your 25 phones and-- >> and when i drive to work at least ten women in front of me doing their makeup in the rear view mirror and swerving and going too slow, too fast, it's annoying. >> and statistics bear this out, women are worse drivers than men. >> that's the beckel almanac. >> the war on women continuing after the election? >> there is armor accidents with driving women. now my ex-wife, there was an accident because this woman stopped on the beltway to try to save our three beagles and could have done me a favor
11:51 pm
kept going, a chain collection, 27 cars and my ex-wife said don't worry my husband will take care of this. it's against the law to stop for a dog? >>. >> did note know that. >> and i think it's not fair to disparage women drivers. i think i'm a very good driver and a the lot of people told me that (laughter) >> yeah, people you-- >> and i drive with these shoes on. >> four dwf's. >> what, driving while female? >> and i have an excellent driving record. >> so i grew up out west and i got a car when i was 16 and i went everywhere and used to love to be on a road trip and since i moved to new york i haven't been behind a wheel of a car since 2011. >>, but you're wearing flats
11:52 pm
and i want. >> women drivers i get an e-mail from my ex-husband and sends a picture of a lady in a brand new mercedes 550 and drove into the new building he put up and can't make it up. >> and dwf. >> ♪
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>> time for one more thing and i'll have eric begin. >> and black friday, biggest sales of the years, including the gun and bullet manufacturing industry. so, i wanted to take this time to remind everyone, second amendment right, remember, your kids can get involved also, don't have to be 18 to 21 and can you roll a video of my son learning how to shoot the gonna proper way, a kimber 1911, and he lies it down properly. and you know how to shoot your guns. >> and was that your kitchen? >> and that's the gun range. >> and i was going to say. >> and the safety. >> and the go with kimberly next. >> mine is about tasty treats you know you love them and i don't know in anybody had them on thanksgiving, i want them
11:57 pm
me understandly. in chicago, in fact, they're making delicious donuts and injected in them is liquor, and you're thinking wasted, but it's not. it's cooked out the alcohol, and it's just the flavor. >> what's the point? and calories for nothing. >> like an amaretto donut? >> i love donuts. brian, and we'll save bob for last. the reason why greg gutfeld was not here today, he had to restock the shelves for his book, "the joy of hate", and-- >> brian. >> a thanksgiving theme, and unlike tens of thousands of people not home because the water came up and wiped out my
11:58 pm
first floor and it's diabolical and across the street. the and tens of thousands of people are not going to be in their dining rooms and everyone here is thinking about you, number one, number two, i'm very thankful when the call came about a year and a half ago from national flood insurance and i was one of the few who said, well, my wife was one of the few who said let's keep it it's only $400. most of the people said, great, i'll save money and they are he' wiped out today and i thought whoever is behind those calls should really be having trouble. >> that's a good point and think about the people from sandy, new jersey, and all over are hurting and don't have a place to go home to. >> this is day i traditionally start my christmas day decorations, if you watched last year, i do. last year 85,000 lights on my house and this year i've gone for 100,000 and one of the things i have worked out this year with the park service my house next to the potomac river, a cable strung so the
11:59 pm
santa and the elves can take off and i also want to say that my electric bill was somewhere in the neighborhood of 4,000, no, $8,000, but that was okay and worthwhile and i love to do it. >> why, was it lipa? >> what, if wasn't lipa wouldn't have gone up. >> you're like clark griswold. >> i thinktator and you're like eddie. >> and what happens when you're in new york and not in maryland, do you keep the lights on. >> yes, i do. >> i have a team that helps me put this together. >> yeah, no kidding. >> and you know, i used to do it myself and-- >> the lights go on automatically when the sun goes down. >> and this is now you know it's a good heart. >> and i read some stories about this and read it in papers and blogs. >> as a matter of fact, we won the championship for small houses over the last year. >> and has al gore ever called you to say as a democrat you should rethink your car been footprint? >> i can say this, i had

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TOPIC FREQUENCY Kimberly 6, New York 5, Obama 4, Karl Rove 3, Lipa 2, Romney 2, Nike 2, Mccain 2, Peggy Noonan 2, Greg Gutfeld 2, Mark Levin 2, Haley Barber 2, Latinos 1, Los Angeles 1, Chicago 1, Peggy 1, Prague Matism 1, Alito 1, Eric 1, Barack Obama 1
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